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  1. Who is HybridFx School?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. Where can I find accommodation?
  4. Will I be mixing with Hybrid Fx Staff?
  5. Do you offer Open Days?
  6. Are there any High Definition Courses available?
  7. Is there a Telephone Number I can call? 

Course Related 

  1. Is there an Age or Skill limit?
  2. How often does the School run courses?
  3. How do I book a Place?
  4. Does a course ever get cancelled?
  5. How do I pay or put down a deposit?
  6. Help! The course says its fully booked!
  7. Do I need to bring any Equipment with me?
  8. What Qualifications do I get?
  9. Are any photographs taken of my time on a course?
  10. Do you offer Bespoke Courses?
  11. Do you offer Private 'One to One' Teaching? 


  1. Can I book Online as well as by Telephone?
  2. What options do I have when paying?
  3. When do I have to pay a deposit?
  4. When do I have to pay the Balance of the Fee?
  5. Is there funding available?
  6. What is your cancellation policy? 

Post Course 

  1. Do you offer jobs or work experience to past Students?
  2. What support do you offer once a course is completed?
  3. Can I buy appliances from Hybrid for my own use in the industry?
  4. Do you supply references?


1) Who is HybridFx School?

HybridFx School is a company run along side the award winning Special Makeup Effects Firm Hybrid Fx.

Formed due to demand from students wishing to break into the industry and professionals wishing to learn more about their highly regarded silicone prosthetic techniques and materials used in the close up, lifelike prosthetic work they have won awards for.

HybridFx School is listed as a Training Provider by Screen Yorkshire. 

2) Where Are You Located?

HybridFx School is based at:

Unit 19
Riverside Busibess Park
Station Road
Earls Cone
C02 6ER

Please check the 'Location' menu choices for further information.

3) Where can I find Accommodation?

There are plenty of Bed And Breakfast's, Hotels and other accommodation in the area. Google is your friend :)

4) Will I be mixing with Hybrid Fx Staff?

Yes you will, subject to Projects on and shooting schedules. Most of the teaching will be done in separate bespoke department but you will come across staff throughout the normal working hours.

Please feel free to chat to them during breaks as long as they have time !

5) Do you offer Open Days?

We certainly will be yes.

Please keep an eye on the 'Visiting Us' section

Otherwise please feel free to email us or ring in to arrange a suitable day.

6) Are there any High Definition Courses available?

All courses taught will give you the skills and knowledge to understand the practicalities of  'High Defintion' and how it can impact Prosthetic Makeup design and application.

As we are the only firm in the UK experienced enough in dealing with 'Close Up, Realistic Prosthetic Makeups' through our extensive Silicone Disguise work for such shows as 'Anonymous' and 'Undercover Dads', the mysteries of High Definition will be clearly explained.

Indeed, Hybrid FX recently won a Royal Televison Society Award for their Makeup work on 'The Neanderthal Code' to which the jury said:

that the make-up was convincing to such an extent that you forgot you were watching actors in heavy prosthetics and genuinely got involved in the travails of the characters, as you would with any drama documentary'.

7) Is there a Telephone Number to Call?

Any enquiries about Courses or if you wish to make a Telephone payment, please call the number below.

Hybrid FX School Office:   07815 835 276

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Course Related

1) Is there an Age or Skill Limit?

Yes all Courses unless specifically noted in the Course Details are for over 18's Only.

Because Courses can be residential, we have to make sure students are of a suitable age range.

You do not need prior 'skills' to take our courses, but you must have the desire and commitment to seriously want to learn the craft.

2) How often does the School run Courses?

Please check the Course Dates page for further information.

3) How do I book a Place?

You can book a place Online or by Telephoning our local rate number on the Contact page.

4) Does a Course ever get cancelled?

We endeavour to make sure all Courses are scheduled so that they do not intefere with Hybrid's projects.

If a course does need to be cancelled for any reason, full refunds are given and additionally a 10% discount will be applied for any future bookings of the same course.

(This discount only applies to fully paid courses only and must be taken within one calendar year of the booking date)

5) How do I pay or put down a deposit?

If you have booked online, the system will allow you to phone in and discuss the best way to pay, from BACS to debit or credit cards. Please note we no longer accept cheques.

Please ring the Admin Office to book your place on the local rate number shown on the Contact page.

Places cannot be booked by post unfortunately due to the limited spaces available.

6) Help! The Course says it is fully booked!

If a Course is fully booked you can be put down on our waiting list in case of Students dropping out.

This is a rare occurrence so the next best bet is to book early for the next Course which will be shown on the Course Dates Page.

7) Do I need to bring any Equipment with me?


All our courses supply you with all the kit you will need and will be of the standard used in the industry to allow you to keep & leave with the appropriate tools.

8) What Qualifications do I get?

For the Six Week Intensive Prosthetic Makeup Course, a signed 'Hybrid' Certificate to state you have completed the course will also be supplied at the end.

All other courses are mainly about refreshing or learning new skill-sets and aimed at Industry Professionals and hard working begginers!

9) Are any Photographs taken of my time on the Course?

On the Six Week Intensive Prosthetic Makeup Course photographs will be taken at various key stages to allow each student to leave with a record of their work.

10) Do you offer Bespoke Courses?

Yes we do. Please call the Admin Office to discuss your requirements more.

11) Do you offer Private 'One to One' Teaching?

Yes we do but it should be noted it can be quite expensive !

Please call the Admin Office to discuss your requirements further.

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1) Can I Book Online as well as by Telephone?

Yes you can book online via the Courses page or ring our number as shown on the Contact page

2) What options do I have when Paying?

Hybrid Fx School accepts GBP (£ - Pounds Sterling) payments by BACS, Credit / Debit Cards only. We no longer accept Cheques.

3) When do I have to pay a Deposit?

All courses require a deposit if you are booking at least 30 days prior to the start date.

Day and Weekend Courses are to be paid in full at the time of booking unless a deposit option appears on the Course detail page.

4) When do I have to Pay the Balance due of a Course?

All courses have to be paid in full 30 days before the Course start unless otherwise stated on the course detail page.

5) Is there funding available?

We are not able to offer any specific advice on this but a general guide is to look at local Screen Commissions and other Career focussed websites.

Please see our 'Useful Links' page.

6) What is your Cancellation Policy?

Our Cancellation Policy is below:


In the event of cancellation by a customer, cancellation fees will be due as set out below:

31 + Days Prior to Course Commencement – Full Refund


1 – 30 Days Priod to Course Commencement – No Fee Refunded.

We may as where appropriate offer a place on a future course for attendees who for whatever reason cannot make their booked date but no futher refunds will be given if the later course date is subsequently not attended.

HybridFx School will make every effort not to cancel courses at short notice, however if unforeseen circumstances arise HybridFx School reserves the right to cancel a course for any reason prior to the start of the course.

In the event of cancellation by the HybridFx School, Customers will be notified and a full refund of all course fees will be made.

A 10% Discount will be offered to fully paid customers for the same course as long as it is rebooked and taken within a calendar year.

HybridFx School will not be liable for any travel, other expenses or consequential loss arising from a cancellation.

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Post Course

1) Do you offer Jobs or Work Experience to past Students?

We are always happy to receive CV's and updated Portfolios of work to consider for future employment, be it Part Time or Full.

Everyone that attends our courses is put at the top of our work list when we are looking for extra crew. This is obviously subject to the skills or roles we are trying to fill at that time.

Please go to the Hybrid Fx website for a contact email address.

2) What Support do you offer once a Course is completed?

Any questions you may have post course can always be sent to the School via the Contact Us page.

We are always happy to chat at a convenient time if the matter cannot be answered by email.

If you are on a project / production and require more technical tips, subject to our time and availability, we are always happy to allow workshop visits to help guide you through any processess you may need to brush up on.

Can I buy Silicone Appliances from Hybrid FX for my own use?

Yes any stock or bespoke Silicone Appliances you may need can be bought from us.

Please contact Hybrid FX directly via their website.

4) Do you supply References?

For the Six Week Intensive Prosthetic Makeup Course we can supply a letter referring to your full completion of the course.

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