entry criteria and tips

Our courses are suitable for anyone with a strong desire to break into the Makeup Effects Industry, from either absolute beginners to Industry Professionals wishing to polish their skill-sets.

We have a range of different Courses on offer, and certainly the 'Six Week Intensive Prosthetic Makeup' or the 'Three Week Beginners Intensive' are the perfect all round courses to give anyone interested in starting a career in Makeup Effects a full grounding in all the key disciplines of our Craft.

A talent in any art based arena is always useful, but there are some roles that rely more on personal skills and etiquette than being able to perhaps sculpt or design fantastic creatures !

People that have the ability to work well under pressure while maintaining a bouyant positive attitude and keeping the quality of their work consistently good is an ideal benchmark to strive for.


Makeup and Special Makeup Effects cover such a multitude of disciplines and roles there is no one particular learning route that we can advise you take.

Most people who wish to progress professionally started at an early age being interested in practising the art however they could, often with very basic materials and facilities, but their passion for the creative always spurred them on.

Research is key. Like any job, knowing your market is a wise fundamental basic step.

You might be a great Sculptor, Makeup Artist or 3D Designer just starting out, but if you have only a limited knowledge of films and TV, you may often question what productions mean by " It's like Aliens but ..."

Being interested in Film and Television and able to discuss new, old and classics in regards to the key points of a Makeup Effect, VFX or even just the way something appeared or moved is a great discipline and it will broaden your knowledge in general, even if you don't normally like certain genres.

Read Books... Films in production come from a variety of sources. Comic Books, published Fiction and orginal screenplays to name a few.

Get used to reading fast. Buy or borrow Screenplays, learn to break them down at home.

Come up with your own ideas on how Creatures / Effects / Characters should look.

Google Images is very helpful as a research tool, as is the internet in general.


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