Industry Specific Training

It’s a common problem...

You are either looking to break into Makeup Effects work, or want to refresh your knowledge but are not sure what courses are right for you or even if the teaching offered is practicing up to date and valuable methods...

From our perspective, running an award winning company that specialises in close up, HD quality Makeup Effects, we too worry about the level of training and basic ability some of the freelancers have that are entering or working in the industry today.

Researching, testing and using modern materials is sometimes not an option for many teaching facilities, let alone individuals, but this is what we at Hybrid Fx focus on.

‘Hybrid’ created its award winning Prosthetic Silicone Material over 20 years ago after two years of research and it has then been used on such high profile films as the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Return of the King, as well as The 2004 Athens Olympics Opening Ceremony (probably the largest single piece silicone prosthetic work created to-date) and many, many more productions worldwide.

As we thrive on creating close up, lifelike prosthetic makeup work, we strongly push the practice of teaching the right methods for every stage of the complex process that goes into creating Makeup Effects.

From critical initial skills such as Lifecasting to the many varied ways to create and apply appliances made from materials such as Gelatine, Foam Latex or cutting edge Silicone Prosthetics, we make sure that every stage is explained and practiced (where appropriate) multiple times to gain a true understanding before students progress to the next area of learning.

Our courses focus on the skills needed in the industry to do your job to a professional, versatile and confident manner rather than just fill your portfolio with ‘Monster Masks’.

Hybrid FX School Mission Statement

  • Our courses offer training to the highest industry standard,using the best materials and technology currently available.
  • All tutors are currently working in the industry, are considered experts in their respective fields and have a genuine passion to educate others.
  • Courses follow a learning path that will allow students to enter the industry with a practical skill-set.
  • Continuing follow on support and advice for students at whatever future stage of their careers.



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