14th Sep
'Kill List' Film Reviews
'Kill List' Film Reviews

Kill List has been getting amazing reviews after its UK cinema release on Friday - here's a bunch

Film of the Week - Mark Kermode Radio 5 Live

"The best British Horror film in years" TOTAL FILM
"One of the best British Thrillers in Years" - Daily Mirror
"Film of the Week. Might be the film of the year" - LOVEFILM
"A cult classic in the making" CLASH
"Nerve shreddingly effective" Time Out
"Get ready for a head fuck. Darkly comic. Intense. Jaw dropping" LOADED
"A uniquely terrifying experience" Film of the Week - Alan Jones - RADIO TIMES
"The best British thriller since Dead Man’s Shoes - Breathtaking" Sky Movies
"The most original, unsettling and cerebrally menacing British film of the decade so far" FT
"Superbly jarring" - Danny Leigh
"As British horror goes right now, Kill List is pretty much top of the range" Peter Bradshaw - THE GUARDIAN
"Dark, funny & disturbing. Wheatley elevates himself from Kill List to A-List" - Kim Newman - EMPIRE
"A future classic" LITTLE WHITE LIES

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23rd Aug
Giant Soldiers!
Giant Soldiers!

Last year’s 6 week Intensive Fx Course students were able to get their hands well and truly ‘dirty’ on some considerable work experience right here helping us duplicate and create four, 8 foot high Toy Soldiers for a local company who needed to supply them for Christmas displays in a major shopping complex.

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9th Jul
Choppy Fingers!
Choppy Fingers!

A big well done to everyone at the Freebrough Academy for the 'finger' work as seen in the news article picture.

Amazing work and thank you for booking a course with us, it's so nice to see that everything we taught was taken on board. The finger looks amazing.

We are expecting a bunch of Special Makeup Effect Artists knocking on our doors in a few years...

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22nd Jun
'Kill List' Film
'Kill List' Film

 Due out later this year is a film to watch out for. 

Hybrid Fx created quite a few effects for it but obviously we cannot reveal anything at this stage.

A link to the film's blog is below and all we can say is after seeing a recent crew screening of it, to miss seeing this one on the big screen would be foolish :)

Check out Ben Wheately's (Director) prior film 'Down Terrace' too, it's top stuff.

Click Me for Kill List Blog!

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19th May
Dr Who !
Dr Who !

Hybrid Fx were recently asked to create and apply a character 'old age' makeup on actor Arthur Darvill for the recently aired 'The Doctor's Wife' episode.

Not being the main supplier for prosthetic and creature work for the series, it was a privilege to be asked and the end makeup went down a storm on set.

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