25th Nov
'Undercover Dads' up for a Bafta!
Well with Hybrid up for a Royal Television Makeup Design Award this Saturday, we now have great news that the 'Undercover Dads' 12 part TV series we created all the proshetic disguises for, is up for a Children's Bafta Entertainment Award.

The result is due this Sunday, so fingers crossed its a double win!

Congrats as ever to our amazing workshop crew and 'On Set' Makeup Team that made the impossible possible.

Tricking adults is one thing, convincing children that the funny looking Granny isn't their Dad is one whole new level of skills.

Unlike any other disguise shows oon TV, we managed to prove yet again that Hybrid can pull off real life stunts without need for trickery or fake setups.

Well done everyone again, amazing work!

(Picture - Award Winning Prosthetic Designer Mike Stringer attaching a silicone finger tip to a 'Mega Nanny' Dad)
'Undercover Dads' up for a Bafta!
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