14th Sep
'Kill List' Film Reviews
Kill List has been getting amazing reviews after its UK cinema release on Friday - here's a bunch

Film of the Week - Mark Kermode Radio 5 Live

"The best British Horror film in years" TOTAL FILM
"One of the best British Thrillers in Years" - Daily Mirror
"Film of the Week. Might be the film of the year" - LOVEFILM
"A cult classic in the making" CLASH
"Nerve shreddingly effective" Time Out
"Get ready for a head fuck. Darkly comic. Intense. Jaw dropping" LOADED
"A uniquely terrifying experience" Film of the Week - Alan Jones - RADIO TIMES
"The best British thriller since Dead Man’s Shoes - Breathtaking" Sky Movies
"The most original, unsettling and cerebrally menacing British film of the decade so far" FT
"Superbly jarring" - Danny Leigh
"As British horror goes right now, Kill List is pretty much top of the range" Peter Bradshaw - THE GUARDIAN
"Dark, funny & disturbing. Wheatley elevates himself from Kill List to A-List" - Kim Newman - EMPIRE
"A future classic" LITTLE WHITE LIES
'Kill List' Film Reviews
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