About Us

The parent company behind the School is Hybrid Fx which specialises in High Quality, Lifelike Make-up Fx & Prosthetic work including Character & Creature design. We are based in the South East near London.

From feature films, TV series' to global Media projects, HYBRID manages the whole process from script breakdown or early concept to design & creation, on-set application and project supervision.

We have developed and refined the Art and Technology of Make-up Prosthetics to offer far greater realism, comfort, and flexibility.

Our in house created system of medical grade silicones are wonderfully soft flesh like appliances, which react, move, wrinkle and appear exactly like real skin tissue.

Our work has included projects as diverse as two of The Lord of the Rings movies, to The National Geographic and in the summer of 2004, a key element of the Athens Olympic Games Opening Ceremony where we created the largest single piece silicone appliance used in the industry to date.

Recent credits include ‘Mad Max – Fury Road’, ‘Krrish 3’, ‘Hit & Miss’ & ‘The Syndicate’ with special projects being worked on regularly, it's always busy at the Hybrid Studio.

Supplying both Prosthetic and Makeup Artists for productions, we’ve won a Royal Television Society Award in 2008 for our work on 'Sex and the Neanderthals: Revealed' for best Makeup Design.

We have also been nominated for two more Royal Television Society Awards in 2010 -

Best Makeup Design - Stoneage Atlantis, and

Team of the Year - Undercover Dads

"The jury said that the make-up was convincing to such an extent that you forgot you were watching actors in heavy prosthetics and genuinely got involved in the travails of the characters, as you would with any drama documentary.”

In 2007 we were nominated for the same award for our work on the Sci-FI Series 'Hyperdrive'.

Our aim with the School is simple.

To teach the Prosthetic and Makeup Skillsets to the highest possible standards that fit easily into the ever changing and demanding needs of the industry.

Mike Stringer and Mike Bates above.

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