One Day Introduction to Prosthetic Makeup Courses
One Day Introduction to Prosthetic Makeup Courses

Date:  run on Saturdays throughout the year, please refer to Dates Page
Duration: One Day 
Hours: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Student Capacity: 4 Maximum
Price: £380

Suitability: Beginners looking to learn detailed introductory Makeup Fx Skills, or as an exciting gift to celebrate with (or just for makeup film enthusiasts ;)

Course Details, all 'hands on' ~
We aim to make this a highly revealing and enlightening day for you, packed with detailed information and several hands on projects to help introduce you to the exciting and complex world of Special Makeup Effects.


We will cover key subjects from understanding Makeup Techniques, basic Sculpting & Mould Making, to lifecasting, duplicating moulds in specialist materials, and applying & colouring simple Prosthetics such as Wounds, Scars etc.

  • Meet and Greet + Initial Q & A Session.
  • Health and Safety Run through
  • Intro’ to Makeup Fx, Materials, Processes & Techniques.
  • On-Set etiquette, Medical considerations, allergies etc
  • Intro’ to simple life casting, Practical
  • Making your own severed fingers in soft fleshy silicone, & how to articulate them (basic animatronics) to make your own moving, severed finger Key Ring ! Practical
  • Intro’ to Prosthetic ‘Pro-Bondo’ Scars & Wounds, application & colour work, Practical
  • Safe Removal of prosthetic Appliances. Practical
  • Intro’ to the world of Sculpting & Moulding your own ‘Pro-Bondo’ Scars & Wounds, Practical
  • Final Q & A Session

A light lunch of assorted sandwiches and beverages is supplied as part of the Course.

All attendees receive a small kit (**) at the end of our 1 Day Course so that they can go home and develop the skills they have learnt and practice further if they wish :)

(**) Kit includes specialist Sculpting, Casting and Moulding materials + Prosthetic Makeup Remover

Also, each attendee will be emailed a Certificate of completion AND an EXTENSIVE and invaluable list of Fx Makeup and Materials suppliers + contacts for directories and other training oportunities !

- Please Enquire for an illustrated PDF pack with full details -

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A Deposit of £200.00 is required to reserve a space
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