5 Day Teeth FX Making Course
5 Day Teeth FX Making Course

Dates: 22nd - 26th April  +  9th - 13th September

~ Can be done as a 5 day block, Monday - Friday or broken down into agreeable days over several weeks as required

Duration: 5 Days
Hours: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Student Capacity: 4 Maximum
Price: £980
Suitability: Creative Beginners or Existing Fx Industry Professionals

Course Details, fully 'hands on' ~

• Meet and Greet & Initial Q & A Session

• Health and Safety Run throughs

• Intro’ to the principles of Teeth Impression making (moulding) + casting and all materials involved, from Alginates to Silicones, Plasters & Resins.

• Hands on practice in Teeth Impression making

• Duplication from moulds in plaster and resins

• Working with Dental Acrylic monomer & polymer, various application techniques to create a range of temporary dental Fx, both subtle & dramatic

• Use of rotary tools & other equipment for shaping, finishing & polishing of Teeth Fx

• Careful fitting of Caps & Veneers, adjustment and alteration skills

• Final Q & A Session

Images shown are for reference purposes only and course detail is subject to modest change.
A Deposit of £400.00 is required to reserve a space
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