5 Day Teeth FX Course
5 Day Teeth FX Making Course 5 Day Teeth FX Making Course

Suitability:  Creative Beginners or Existing Fx Industry Professionals Course wishing to learn more.

Details:  An intensive 5 day course covering the complexities of creating temporary caps and veneers for theatrical & Fx use.

Using the latest materials, attendees will learn to take teeth casts with both Alginate and Silicone, and based on their own plaster positives create colour matched Vampire fang Caps and more complex natural and 'creature' Veneers to make both subtle and dramatic temporary dental effects.

Course Dates - 15th - 19th January 2024

~ Can be done as a 5 day block, Monday - Friday or broken down into agreeable days as required

Age Group 16+
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