3 Week Intensive Prosthetic Makeup Course
3 Week Intensive Prosthetic Makeup Course

Date:  2022 onwards TBA

Often run in College/School Summer Holiday period, but additional dates over the year may be added.


Study in stages !

If committing to the full Course time end to end is a problem, we can arrange to run the Course for you in sections (1 or 2 week blocks) to make it fit around your life, work or studies :)

Duration: 3 Weeks
Hours: 10.00am – 6.00pm 
Student Capacity: 4 Maximum
Price: £2,700

Our aim is to offer you the most comprehensive curriculum possible and we will add new elements to the 3 week timetable when feasible to ensure we keep it the most beneficial course available…


Certain timescales within any block may change to allow sufficient time for all students to complete each section thoroughly.

Throughout the course you will not only design, sculpt and learn to apply your own prosthetics, but there will be other varied project elements included to give you an all-round makeup Fx materials and techniques skill base, allowing you to create your own versatile Special Makeup Effects Characters both with us and progressing onwards as your skills develop. 

This will allow you to start to build up and progress a valuable portfolio of your own work demonstrating and expanding on the extensive key skills you will learn with us. 

The School and its tutors will adapt the course plan according to the students learning abilities to ensure that all the critical areas from Life-casting, mould making, sculpting to application skills are fully understood and practiced. 

Please contact us for a PDF with all the Course details
A Deposit of £1,000.00 is required to reserve a space
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