Prosthetic Makeup Fx Courses and Special Makeup Effects Course Training, Film, Tv & Media.

Welcome to the Hybrid Fx School Studio...

We are located in the South East of England near Colchester.

We provide intensive training that gives a highly detailed ground up view of the Prosthetic Makeup Effects skills required to work in the Film, Television and Media Sectors.

We don't believe in overcrowding the industry with an abundance of 'Makeup Fx Artists', so our Courses only contribute a modest number of people a year into the Industry (as we train a maximum of 4 clients per Course) through our 100% practical training.

The fee you pay for any of our Courses also includes ALL the materials, tools and equipment you will require. The only things you need to bring along are a camera, notepad & pen, your full focus and serious determination :)

Learning with us you may have a stronger chance at getting work in the industry than with other companies that only train in high volume and are not working actively in Makeup Effects.

Many 'Media training' companies are very used to running long Courses at higher costs with a high volume of students per intake, in our opinion this is not efficient or fair to the students...

As many other training courses tend to have over 20+ attendees per course (sometimes as many as 60!) you should always carefully consider how much direct access to a tutor you will have, and also how much actual hands on practical time you will receive vs. 'research projects' etc...
Our 'Tutor to Attendee' ratio is 4:1 or better and that is why we can so very effectively teach our attendees on our Training Courses.

All our Courses are 100% practical. The real practical workshop time on our original Intensive 6 Week Course was greater than the total practical time you would have on many 3 Year 'degree' Courses !

To work in the Makeup Effects Industry you need real hands on skills, that means any course you do should be highly practical, not just 2 or 3 days a week in the workshop. Paper qualifications are wasted if the real skills you have actually learnt over a lengthy course are lacking.

We are an award nominated and award winning company, we understand the industry and pride ourselves on making sure every good (or bad) part of the sector we work in is fully explained, so that you leave us far better prepared to forge ahead with your future career.

Please feel free to browse the site and if you have any questions, you can email us via the 'Contact Us' Page.

All our Courses have detailed PDF's available which can be emailed to you, please enquire.


Finding Work after your Course with us...

No course you ever take can offer a guarantee of paid work to follow. Getting work in any industry is not just about your education, but how well you apply your knowledge, you aptitude, your versatility, flexibility and personality all will play a significant role in your future success, as will good timing, patience and a fair dose of luck, which is equally important.

We can honestly say however, that from the varied range of students that have completed our Courses with us, as well as those who have simply wanted to learn new skills and as yet have not acted upon them or used them in the Makeup Fx field, one of our best students who travelled all the way from Greece to study with us has since been working with us full time, and more recently has become one of the best Makeup Fx teachers in the UK.

Another after doing only a 3 Week Course with us went on to working on 'Prometheus' (Dir. Ridley Scott) and continues to do well in the Makeup Fx industry.

Some established Makeup Artists continue to flourish further with their new skills learnt from us, some have even set up their own Fx businesses.

Others have progressed to being excellent Makeup Designers, working on diverse events and productions such as the British Olympic Games, and superb TV series such as 'Game of Thrones' and much more. Anything is possible, and your future is truly what you make it.

With us you will learn vastly more relevant skills in far greater detail in a much more condensed period of time.

~ Mike Stringer

Call or Text on 07870 - 600 273 - 10.00am 'til 6.00pm. 
- We will reply usually on a weekday as soon as we are able.



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